Un traguito del Scielo

A little sip of heaven

Scielo MX Spritzer

3 ingredients: carbonated water, wine and natural fruit. Simple right?

The spritzer is a very refreshing drink. Its origin dates back more than 100 years in Austria. Legend has it that after a long and thirsty day in the sun, vineyard workers mixed wine with mineral lemonade and PUUMM: they quenched their thirst and put themselves in a very good mood.

It is ideal to drink without remorse, since it only has 4.0% alcohol and 95 calories. There are no written rules to enjoy it, you choose if you prefer to drink it straight from the bottle or as a special ingredient in your cocktails. 

The flavors of pomegranate and peach represent our Earthly Paradise, the Magical Town of Parras. The pomegranate, full of antioxidants and vitamins, is an explosion of flavor and the peach version is a treat for the palate.

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