Just like the phrase “the best wine is the one you like best”, the ideal temperature to have a glass (or several) is totally personal. However, when we are hosts or looking for the best expression of wine, we find ourselves in the predicament of chilling or not chilling.

For example, if the wine is served very cold, the aromas and flavors will remain hidden, while, with a very high temperature, not very pleasant notes could be accentuated.

This does not mean that you need a thermometer to accurately measure its temperature; We are not referring either to the fact that if you drink the wine a little more or less cold it is a mistake or it will have a bad taste, but rather that there are ways to make the experience much more pleasant.

Imagine the following situation: your friends are about to come to your house for dinner; You already set the table, prepared the food and chose the wine. Everything is ready to receive them and while you make a count of everything you need, you stop at the same questions over and over again, Do I put the wine to cool? Only the white or also the red? Should I put it on ice or better in the fridge?

If you have already imagined yourself in this scenario and you are about to panic, do not worry, here we tell you how, when and what wine to cool:

Reds: instead of leaving it at room temperature, put it in the refrigerator for 40 minutes to keep it fresh and when serving it is between 14 and 18ºC

White and Pink: refrigerate at least 2 hours; ideally they should be between 10 and 12ºC to be consumed slightly cold.

Sparkling: keep it refrigerated for 3 hours and once opened use a bucket with ice and water to keep it at 6 and 8ºC

We hope that this guide will help you in your next meeting, so that you can focus on enjoying the company and the wine, and not on its temperature.

Leave us your comments below and tell us what is the best temperature for you to take it.
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