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Thirteen Moons Oil 500ML

Thirteen Moons Oil 500ML

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PROJECT: The TRECE LUNAS project began in 2015 with the planting of 400 olive trees, the following year 2,600 more were planted to cover an area of 3,000 trees.
The company is family-owned and seeks to concentrate high-quality products on a small scale.
PLANTATION: There are 3000 olive trees between 3 and 4 years old. In 2019, 2 tons have been harvested. It is expected that when they are 10 years old they will give their maximum production capacity, translated into 120 tons of olives.
PRODUCTION: Currently it is an artisan process, partially manual and partially mechanized. There is a current yield of 20%, achieving this year 400 liters of oil.
The oil does not have any type of additive or preservative added.
The pH of the oil is 4.89, within the degrees allowed to be considered EXTRA VIRGIN.
PAIRINGS: It is an oil with a great olive aroma, with a certain itching that demonstrates the quality of the product. We recommend it to make vinaigrettes, place on salads such as caprese or green leaves with hearts of palm and avocado. It goes well with fresh fish, to marinate it before cooking with fresh aromatic herbs. To enjoy its authentic flavor, it can be served on a board with an artisan grain bread to prepare a tomato bread and accompany with semi-cured cheeses, or with soft cheeses processed with aromatic herbs.
It is recommended to use with fresh and simple products that highlight the pure flavor of olive oil.


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